She hears the caustic ticking of the clock

Time streams so quickly, with its trickles of wonder and eddies of pain. I've been inattentive. Or rather focused on the necessary demands of real life and commitments, but inattentive to the feeling, to the what it means to be carried along in time's swell.

At the same time, I'm glad that Supernatural is new this week. Also, iZombie looks promising.

Here are two pupils whose moons of black.

The last fifteen minutes of "Do You Believe in Miracles?" went miraculously far in reviving the vulnerability, the ferocity, the excitement and the emotional resonance that I love in Supernatural.

This season has had some great episodes and generally complex, nuanced and committed performances. As well as haunting visuals. Tremendous guest stars. But it has also felt disjointed and dissonant, at odds with its own premise and mythology. It felt tired.

But now it feels energized. Well, heartbreaky and energized. I think that can be a thing.

Happy holidays

Christmas is just minutes from ending, but I wanted to take those minutes to say that I hope you all had a joyful and a restful day, however you celebrate (or don't celebrate) this time of year. And that these dark days of winter (on my hemisphere at least) are further brightened by you encountering a world of understanding, connection,compassion and variety in the New Year. Thank you all for the pleasure you have brought me this past year with your clever, creative, perpective altering and sometimes startling works. And I Would like to semd you my hopes and wishes that you thrive in your interconnected real and writerly lives.

Between the eye of the sun and the eyes of the tulips

I need more time to think the substance of 8.22 in order to comment fully. There was a LOT going on. Well-Acted, written and directed a LOT GOING ON-NESS. Right now, however, I don't wont to spoil anything. But I think I can say that I'm breathless from the superficial pleasures--from the virtuoso eyebrow acting of the outstanding Mr. Donnelly Rhodes to the bunker's retro tech and architecture to the surprising, gross, and intriguing story shadings and plot reveals to the remembrances of characters past and the motivations of characters present, and finally to the tenderness that imbues shopping for a special someone. Also, Indianapolis! I was just there!

You should have put us together.

I was lucky enough to see the series finale(y) of BBC's Being Human, last night. And I thought it was a pretty magnificent end, satisfying on emotional and narrative levels, while also bringing a twisty kind of closure that leaves your mind sparking afterwards.
I loved the beautiful way each shot was framed, the sharply written script, the sound track, the allusions to Buffy, Blade Runner, Antiques Roadshow, the visual reminders of Mitchell, Annie, George and Nina. I`m so fond of Hal, Alex and Tom. And Tom`s eyebrows. Awwww. I`m going to miss it.But it was a great ending.